The Induction Doula


I’m Rachel, a Dublin-based doula specialising in induction of labour. I am also an Active Birth trainer, and a pre- and postnatal pilates and yoga teacher.

I teach weekly ‘Pregnancy Yoga for an Empowered Birth’ classes in my studio on Cork St in Dublin 8. I run group Active Birth partner workshops every 2 months and also offer private Active Birth partner workshops in your home, in the studio or online.

I offer virtual doula consultations for people who are considering/have been offered induction of labour and are looking for evidence-based information to help them make their decision. I also offer ‘Comfort Measures for an Induced Labour’ sessions (in person or online) for people who choose an induction of labour for their birth.

If you’d like to know more or book in for one of these services please fill out the form below and include your mobile number in the message section.