External Practitioners

We rent our studio and therapy rooms to a small number of highly-skilled practitioners. You can find their details below.

Paola Catizone – Somatic Yoga.

With four decades of experience as a Yoga and movement facilitator, Paola offers a class that fosters embodied awareness, optimal movement habits and the development of the relaxation response. Strength and flexibility are cultivated gradually, in a paced and playful way, helping us befriend our body and feel at home in it. Meditative, healing practices and experiential anatomy explorations are central to this work and bring resilience and radiance to the body-mind. Suitable to participants of all levels of experience and none.

Thursday evenings at 19.30 (1 hour)

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Dei Glennon: Acupuncture, Body Work, Shamanic Healing

Dei has been a practicing therapist since 2002. She takes a multi-disciplinary approach to her work and is therefore able to curate an individual experience with each person. She believes deeply in a trauma-informed approach to gauge a whole picture for a whole person. She specialises in body work, energy work and acupuncture. Often drawing on all three in one session. Using this unique perspective allows her to engage with the body in a safe and gentle way to bring about release on the mental, emotional and physical level in accordance with the boundaries of each person. Each person will be met with gentleness and integrity.

Friday mornings, 1 hour treatments

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Email Dei or text 087 952 6000

Dana Andrew – Thai Bodywork

Dana offers Thai Bodywork sessions (60 – 120 mins) for all body types to help reduce stress, tension and pain.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs to help your body and mind move towards a more balanced state.  Thai Bodywork is mostly carried out fully clothed on a padded mat on the floor.  Thai Bodywork can be particularly effective in reducing stress, headaches, muscular tension and chronic pain, as well as boosting energy levels, stimulating circulation and improving range of motion.  Dana also offers 1:1 mindful yoga, meditation and breathwork.  These practices can be incorporated into your session on request.

Tuesday evenings , 16:00 – 22:00

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